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Group Adventure Dog Walks

Bath Tails dog walks are hour-long social adventures. Your dog is collected from your home and transported safely to one of our carefully chosen walks where we have an hour of off-lead fun with our furry friends. When your dog is returned home, if needed, they are towelled off and we always make sure they have water and anything else they need.

Dogs benefit greatly not only from quality exercise, but from the stimulation and socialisation they get from our adventures. Because we are a small team, we are able to match dogs up to the others in their group and to the terrain so that they have the best experience possible.

All of the dogs we take on group walks are friendly and well-socialised and they have the freedom to play with others or just to roam and explore as they choose. And if your dog is a water-lover, we make sure that they have plenty of opportunities to bathe and play in safe locations, especially in the hotter months.

We like you to be able to see the things your dog gets up to and the friends they make, so we take photos and videos and share these on our Facebook page.

Puppy Visits

If your dog is too young to join our group dog walks, Bath Tails will come to your house and spend time with your puppy. What we do will depend on the age and stage your puppy is at. For younger dogs, this would usually involve letting your dog out to go to the toilet and some playtime indoors or outside depending on the weather. For slightly older puppies, the visit could involve a short lead walk.

We are happy to reinforce any training techniques that you are using as we know how important consistency is. And when the time is right, your puppy can join us on an appropriate group walk.

When you need reliable Pet Care in Bath

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When you need reliable Pet Care in Bath

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