Cat Sitting in Bath

Cats love Home…

At Bath Tails, we provide visits for your cat when you can’t be there. In addition to the essential feeding and poop-scooping, we like to give your cat stimulation, cuddles or, for the shyer among them, just some company.

We are happy to groom your cat (providing they are willing!) and administer any medication they may need. We naturally make sure that your cat is looking healthy, is eating, drinking and toileting as they should so that you can be sure your animal is healthy and happy.

In addition, we will water plants, pick up the post, draw curtains and make sure things are as they should be so that you can feel safe in the knowledge that your home as secure and safe as possible while you are away. Bath Tails use non sign-written vehicles so as not to advertise the fact that you may not be home – your security is essential.

We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend/s 🙂

When you need reliable Pet Care in Bath

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When you need reliable Pet Care in Bath

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